Digital lab is the way fashion designers work in the future. Except for SNEZHANA.NYC.

We do Digital Lab now.


How does it work?

The creative director and designer of the brand, Snezhana Paderina, has a background in Information Technology that powers her passion and vision of style towards an ideal combination of avant-garde and ready to wear fashion. Her intimacy with advanced and cutting-edge technology allowed an integration of 3D-printed materials into garment structure. This enabled her to ensure a perfect mix of some elements of architecture, state of the art technology, cyberpunk, literature, and art which can be found interspersed in all her silhouettes and designs.

  • Using advanced software, we create our design in a digital form as an accurate 3D model.
  • We test the design and the way it fits the human body using a realistic physical engine.
  • We create a fabric/material catalog for each particular design, following the data obtained from the tests of the model.

All the models presented at the Digital Lab section are photoreaslitic 3D renders with a choice of options as color / size / fit.      

By pre-ordering any Digital Lab piece by, you support the new paradigm of responsible design & consumer culture. No over-production. No waste. Only ethical manufacturing. By supporting this new method of design & production, you make it possible to materialize ideas and push forward the innovative frontiers of fashion design.

Every new order is a pilot launch of a design. We are thrilled to go through it with you. It is the point where our community (you!) works together with us as a team. will keep you updated throughout this journey!

    In my work, I use the latest technologies not only for the clothing manufacturing but in the process of development as well. 3D modeling allows me to reinterpret and visualize my creative vision. I can try out design ideas, silhouettes and patterns before the actual production cycle.
    Another sophisticated feature of this way to develop clothing is an ability to test materials/fabrics using advanced physically accurate engines even before the cutting actual fabric. Combining my experience in patternmaking, drafting, and sewing with the results of the digital development, we materialize unique designs that weren't possible before, outside of this design cycle.